For as long as she can remember Julie Foster of PinkJules has had a fondness for rocks, gems and jewelry. She collected tumbled gemstones as a young girl, and as an adult Julie studied gemology to nourish her love of colored gems. Her passion for gemstones continued to grow throughout her studies. She is now a Graduate Gemologist, gem buyer and jewelry designer.

During Julie’s three years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco, North Africa, she was immersed in local culture and its creative expression; mosaics, jewelry and pottery. The colors and designs she saw around her have made a lasting impression. As her travels continue, she assimilates aspects of new cultures into her sense of color and design.

Each piece is one of a kind, hand made and dictated by a beautiful gemstone. She purchases her gems based on their beauty and designs the piece to showcase the stone. She surrounds them with clean lines and fine metals.

Julie would love her jewelry pieces to bring happiness to those who wear them.